06.04.2018 - 31.05.2018


Do you want to get rid of stress in your tense daily life, forget about your problems and recharge yourself with new energy? Take advantage of our special spa offers in April and May!
Complement your holiday with a refreshing and revitalizing spa package, a 4-star experience, a hot tub, a sauna and a steam room, and numerous leisure activities.
SPA package for HER in details (you can choose one of the two options):

Rejuvenating therapy with Botox effect  
Highly effective anti-aging complex, operates on muscle level and causes relaxation of mimic muscles. It effectively smooths deep wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones. 

Revitalizing therapy with vitamin C and stem cells
It renews skin, improves elasticity, strengthens capillaries and reduces redness. 
SPA package for HIM in details (you can choose one of the two options)
Herbal elixir
Experience an unequalled euphoria with the gifts of nature and the healing abilities of the manual therapy. This is the perfect combination of health and beauty. It begins with herbal peeling of the whole body followed by a massage with aromatic candles and natural oils. The therapy ends with herbal te at the relax zone. 

Tired legs
Begins with cleaning the feet with special serum with cooling effect, continues with a refreshing mask that removes the feeling of heaviness. Ends with a relaxing foot massage. 
SPA packages Price (supplement to the basic package)
SPA package for Her - 60,00 BGN
SPA package for Him - 60,00 BGN
The package can only be purchased in addition to the accommodation package in April and May 2018
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60.00 bgn.