Facial spa therapies

Classic face cleaning - 50’  60 BGN
It includes facial cleansing with cleansing milk or tonic (according to your skin type); steam; creamy peeling or gommage depending on the skin type, manual cleaning; procedure shrinking pores; suitable face mask and cream.
Therapy for intensive hydration - 50’  70 BGN
This therapy fastly removes the signs of dehydration.It regenerates tissues and builds a protective film on the skin, which retains moisture.
Therapy for oily and problem skin - 50’  70 BGN
Effectively reduces imperfections – removes the excess sebum, shrinks pores, calms inflammation
SOS therapy for sensitive skin - 50’ 70 BGN
It regenerates the skin in depth, has antiseptic and antiinflammatory activity, reduces redness and provides optimal protection.

Rejuvenating therapy with Botox effect - 50’  80 BGN
Highly effective anti-aging complex, operates on muscle level and causes relaxation of mimic muscles.It effectively smoots deep wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones.
Revitalizing therapy with vitamin C and stem cells - 50’  75 BGN
It renews skin, improves elasticity, strengthens capillaries and reduces redness.
Cosmetic face massage  - 40’  50 BGN
It Includes facial cleansing, massage, nourishing mask and cream suitable for every skin type.
In each therapy you can:
- include special care for eye contour +10 BGN
- replace the massage with ultrasound for better penetration of the serums. + 10 BGN

Diamond Microdermabrasion  - 50’  60 BGN
Diamond Microdermabrasion - 60’  70 BGN
face and neck
Diamond Microdermabrasion - 70’  80 BGN
face, neck and neckline