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About the Company

"Astera І" Ltd. is registered in the Republic of Bulgaria in 2004 under company № 1458/2004 c. of Varna District Court, entered in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency, UIC 103872649, with registered address: Varna, Sts. Constantine and Helena resort, an administrative building.
Subsidiary "Astera I" Ltd. is the successor of the subsidiary " Granat" Ltd., which is converted by joining in "Astera I" Ltd. to 30.09.2011. Amendment is listed in the Registry Agency at the CR 21 October 2011. Sole owner the capital of the restructured subsidiary "Astera I" Ltd. remains "Sts. Constantine and Helena Holding" JSC. At present, the subsidiary "Astera I" Ltd.'s capital is 500 thousand Levs, fully paid up and divided into 500 shares each with a nominal value of 1000 lev to the accomplished merger. The capital of the company predecessor "Granat" Ltd. in the amount of 3,100 thousand lev is brought in additional reserves to the recipient company " Astera I" EAD.
Registered office
"Sts Constantine and Helena" resort, an administrative building, Varna - 9006
The company is managed by a Board of Directors as follows:
Elena Koseva - Chairman
Ilko Zapryanov - Vice President
Violeta Berova - Member
The company is represented by Violeta Yordanova Berova as executive director.
Contacts :
Varna 9006
Sts. Constantine and Helena resort, Administrative Building
tel.: +359 52/ 359 952, +359 52 359 730, +359 52/ 358-777 (234)