About the resort


Тhey say the name "Golden sands" come from an old legend: pirates dug in a golden treasure on the coast north of Varna
Angered by the bandits, the earth took revenge on them and transformed the gold into wonderful golden sands. 
The idea for developing a big Bulgarian resort on the Black Sea was born in the middle of the 50-s of the last century. Quite naturally the choice was the area Uzunkum (from Turkish – long sand) north of Varna. In a unique way a virgin forest and a wide beach are combined in the place. One of the exceptional natural landmarks, of which today only the memory remains, was a big freshwater lake inhabited by terrapins situated only hundred meters from the seashore. Nowadays this is the place where the central entertainment zone of the resort with its model of the Eiffel Tower, Ferris wheel and Hotel International is situated.
The first sod of Golden Sands was turned in 1956. The construction of almost all the big hotel complexes and entertainment places, included in the first stage of development of the resort, lasted about 10 years. The idea at that time was the resort to combine the possibilities of family tourism by the sea with the potential of one of the most famous balneotherapy centers in the country. The design of the resort complex was assigned to a team of 30 Bulgarian architects and its construction was done in three stages. During the first mostly small 2-story hotels by the seashore have been built. Later the hotel complexes and entertainment establishments on the second and third line appeared.
The last stage of the construction of Golden Sands was concluded in 1966. Thus in Bulgaria in practice started the development of a program of large dimensions to establish our country as European destination for sea tourism.
Since 2000 Golden Sands is an entirely privately owned resort and thus started its “second life”. Nowadays the number of the hotels in the resort exceeds 90. The serious investments done in the recent years, which the new owners put into the construction of new high category hotels, reconstruction and modernization of their property, improvement of the infrastructure, as well as in the construction of new places of entertainment and relaxation, substantially contribute to tranforming the resort into a destination of European magnitude, a prefered vacation place for more and more foreign and Bulgarian tourists.